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Landscape Maintenance               COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL

  • Horticultural Care of Ornamental Trees - Shrubs - Perennials - Annuals and Ground Covers
  • If WE maintain your gardens and beds you will quickly become the ENVY of the Neighborhood. Our Experienced Professionals will give your property the METICULOUS ATTENTION it needs, taking your Whole Landscape to the next Level!
  • Spring Grounds Maintenance

  • Remove Leaves, all debris and cut back any perennial not cut in the FALL
  • WEEDING all beds, walks & patios
  • PRUNING all shrubs and trees, trees under 4" in Diameter are selectively pruned and shaped
  • EDGING all Beds, Walks, Trees & Curbs
  • APPLY high Quality Fertilizer for Shrubs, Ground Covers, Perennials as required
  • APPLY Dormanto oil Spray, to all Shrubs,Ornamental Trees and Perennials. This spray is a miscable "SCALECIDE"designed to aid in control of OVER Wintering Scales - Eggs - Masses and Mites
  • MULCH all Beds, Ornamental Trees and Shrubs with high quality mulch
  • Summer Grounds Maintenance

  • Horticultural Care of Shrubs, Roses, Annuals, Perennials, Ground Covers & Ornamental Trees
  • Keep Clean, Weed Free all Beds, Walks, Patios and Driveways
  • Plant Replacement will be done
  • Fertilizer, Apply Balanced high quality plant food as Required
  • Watering for Pots and Dry Areas if Needed.
  • Edging All Beds, Walks, Trees, Curbs as required to maintain a neat Appearance Throughout the Year
  • Spraying with general purpose Insecticide, to all Susceptible Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Perennials, Annuals & Ground Covers
  • SHRUBS Pruned and Shaped as Required to maintain a Neat Appearance Throughout the Year
  • OUR Estate Shrubs & Trees Program has been Designed to meet specific Landscape needs, through diligent inspection
  • Environmentally Minded integrated pest Management Principles
  • Pruning All Shrubs to maintain healthy and vigorous Appearance and Shape
  • ALL Programs with separate Contracts at Very Reasonable Rates
  • We Encourage you to inquire about this Comprehensive Service Program
  • HORTICULTURAL CARE of Perennials, Annuals, Roses, Ground Covers & Ornamental Trees
  • Fall Grounds Maintenance

  • All Beds, Walks, Trees, Patios & Driveways kept Weed Free
  • EDGING all Beds, Walks, Trees and Curbs
  • Blown Clean and leaves removed weekly or bi-weekly
  • Plant Replacement be done as Annuals, Shrubs, Trees, Bulbs and Perennials
  • APPLY High Quality Fertilizer for Shrubs, Perennials, Bulbs, Ground Covers, and Ornamental Trees as Required
  • Apply General purpose insecticide to all Ornamental Shrubs and Trees in Late Summer
  • Apply Anti-Desiccante Spray to all Susceptible Ornamental Shrubs and Trees in Late Fall
  • Cut back All Perennials and Annuals
  • Empty Pots and Transfer indoor to Protect from Frost
  • FALL Cleanup of Entire Property as Required after Leaves Drop
  • Mulch the Beds and Trees that need to be protected from frost
  • Apply Winter Deer control Spray, late in Fall
  • Winterize Ponds and Waterfalls
  • We Encourage you to Inquire About this Comprehensive Program, and you will be asking yourself
  • Call for a FREE ESTIMATE     908-534-3173

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